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What Happened When SF9’s RoWoon Visited Nepal ?

Nepal is a land-locked country, and borders India in the east, west, and south and China in the north. Every year thousands of Tourist  from different countries such as India, China, United States, and South Korea visits Nepal. SF9's RoWoon In KathmanduBut, What happened when SF9‘s RoWoon visited Nepal for the first time ? SF9’s RoWoon participated in the show Battle Trip, and made a solo trip to Nepal in 2019. He appeared on the show for 4 weeks, and shared his experience in Nepal.

Rowoon travelled alone all the way from South Korea to Nepal for the show. In the show, he can be seen visiting different places of Kathmandu and trying different Nepali cuisine.Rowoon Tries Nepali Daal BhaatNepal is well-known for it’s unique taste, and food. First cusine, Rowoon tried is Nepali Daal and Bhaat, Spicy chilly Mo:Mo, and Tongba. What surprised Rowoon is the Tongba, and it didn’t only surprised him, others MCs were also amazed.Rowoon TungbaTongba is a millet-based alcoholic beverage, and traditional drink of the Limbu people from Nepal. With a steady supply of hot water, you can have sustained sip of the Tongba and enjoy it.Rowoon TungbaRowoon can be seen enjoying the Nepali Daal Bhaat, Chilly Mo:Mo, and Tongba in the show. According to MCs, and Rowoon, Nepali cuisine is identical to Korean meal from the countryside. Daal BhaatWhat amaze the MCs more is the cheap price and unlimited refill of meal. The huge portion of Daal and Bhaat costs only $4.50, and you can get unlimited rice and curry.

After having Nepali Daal and Bhaat, Rowoon tries the Juju Dhau (Yogurt’s King), famous for its refreshing and soft texture. According to Rowoon, Juju Dhau will be famous in Garosugil area, if sold in Korea.Juju DhauThe second cuisine, Rowoon tried is Newari cuisine Pangra chili, Egg bara, and Gorkha beer. The Newari cuisine is famous cuisine of Newari people which includes different ranges of dishes.RoWoon Tries Newari CuisineSource : KBS World

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