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HyunA To Delay Her Comeback Due To Health Issue

Looks like, we have to wait some more time for HyunA’s comeback.

Hyuna‘s label, P NATION, announced that she will be postponing the release of her upcoming pre-release single, GOOD GIRL, due to her health reasons.

HyunA's Good Girl
Image Credit : P Nation

According to the agency, HyunA has recently fainted multiples time due to vasovagal syncope.

Last year, Hyuna shared that she is dealing with depression, panic disorder, and vasovagal syncope. She also revealed that she was getting treatment once every two weeks.

The label also assured that the health of their artist is their top priority, and will be helping their artists to recover their health.

At last, the agency apologized for causing concern to all fans and the people with unexpected news.

Check out the full statement below:

Our artist HyunA will be delaying the release of her new song and her promotion due to health reasons.

With plans to release a new single before her first full album, HyunA was preparing for her comeback enthusiastically than anyone else for a long time.

Last year, HyunA publicly confessed that she has been diagnosed with vasovagal syncope. Afterwards, she has been receiving consistent treatment so that she could show her best self for the release of her single, as well as her new album.

However, despite her determination and efforts, she recently suffered from vasovagal fainting again.

As an agency, who is responsible to protect their artists, we have concluded that the top priority for our artist right now is sufficient treatment and rest.

As a result, the release of HyunA’s new single and activities, originally scheduled for next week, will be postponed until she has recovered her health.

We will fully support HyunA for her recovery so that she can return to her activities in good health.

We deeply apologize for causing concerns to all the fans and all other involved with this sudden news.

Source : E-Daily


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